Data Entry

Whether you are managing piles of data, or conducting marketing research or messing up with paper forms that has to be converted to electronic format our data entry service is right in front of your doorstep. Spiraling volumes of data is a herculean task in any firm and any delays in this would result in customer dissatisfaction. This may affect the customer’s business leading to negative pacts such as short term or long term effects on revenues and growth.

Haviva Technologies off-shore outsourcing practices offer price effective and correct information entry services. Our old employees are accustomed to all aspects of the keying method, and are frequently ready to acquire accuracy rates as high as 99.5%. Like all our conversion processes our purchasers are warranted 100 percent confidentiality.

Our offline outsourcing services embrace information entry from:

  • Hard / soft copy to any information format
  • Handwritten materials
  • e-Books / e-Magazines
  • Legal documents / claim forms
  • Scanned pages (image)
  • Registration forms
  • Invoices / Receipts
  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports
  • Any sort of double key / manual information entry
  • Online information Entry

We offer you different types of data entry services like online/offline data entry services, directory services, image edit/book edit data services, document data entry services, data capture services, data extraction services, document management systems, copy paste services, database development and migration services, data enrichment services and other specialized data entry services.

Haviva Technologies provides price effective, correct and confidential on-line information entry services. We’ve got in depth experience in delivering information entry (text and forms based), information capture services exploitation OCR/ICR technology, bi-compare and tri-compare validation programs and double character validation programs. Our old information entry operators, adept internal control specialists, skilled keyboard operations and handwriting analysis, exceptional Internet property and advanced information entry computer code make sure that we tend to attain the accepted commonplace of 99.5% accuracy inside the desired turnaround amount. We are equipped to handle giant vary of volume — from tiny to terribly large comes — for any sort of information capture project. In several cases, nightlong delivery is feasible.

Our on-line outsourcing services include information entry from:

  • Paper
  • Books / Magazines
  • Images
  • Copying, pasting, editing, sorting
  • Catalogs
  • Any sort of original content

Our information capturing outsourcing services include:

  • Website information capturing or extraction
  • Web information capturing from bank / monetary statements
  • Data capturing from Insurance claims / medical claims / mastercard applications
  • Any sort of real time information extraction / capturing work

Our team can handle any data entry project, no matter how simple or complex, and you need not trade low cost for quality output. Our quality processes ensure that the work product meets your expectations and our costs are designed to comply with every budget. We understand the data entry market and we are dedicated to client satisfaction and to maintaining a quality focus on every data entry project for every client.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your Data Entry outsourcing needs.